AstralPool Viron Series


The Viron CL Cartridge Filter was designed to save water and save energy. The huge capacity of the two models (400 Sq Ft or 600 Sq Ft) reduces the necessity to clean to once a year or even less frequently on most residential pools. By eliminating backwashing required for conventional sand filters, you also save expensive chemical , salt or mineral replacement and reduce heating costs through lost heated water. The high grade polyester filter elements filter out particles down to less than 15 micron - twice as efficient as most sand filters.

The huge filter area in such a small compact housing reduces resistance to the water flow, enabling a smaller pump to be fitted and still achieve the same flow rate as a sand or glass media filter. At a 300 lpm flow rate, the Viron CL Filter has a 5 kPa pressure drop compared to a sand filter 10 times as much resistance (pressure drop). When coupled with a variable speed energy efficient pump, the Viron CL Cartridge Filter enables additional, better flow rates and cleaner water. Designed and manufactured in Australia the Viron CL Cartridge Filter is covered by a 5 year in field warranty.

Suitable replacement for: Any Sand Filter, most cartridge filters where footprint and space allow. Check that sufficient clearance exists above the filter if installed in a low height plant room or under a deck.

AstralPool FG Filter


This fibreglass filament wound sand filter is built for high strength and long life. It has a wide neck for easy sand/media loading and changing, a top mount clamp on multiport valve and an inner tank made from fibreglass and a chlorine resistant coating for long life and to prevent implosion under back wash conditions. Maximum continuous operating pressure is 250 kPa. Filter supplied with self sealing barrel unions for easy connect and disconnect when servicing.

AstralPool Cantabric Filter


AstralPool’s premium range of residential Sand Filters is the only complete range of residential Sand filters that are completely injection moulded. Engineered for high strength, long life and hydraulically balanced filtration. Made from high strength PP and incorporating large drain for fast sand changes and servicing, screw on valve clamps for fast and easy installation, self sealing barrel unions and an oil filled pressure gauge. Can operate up to a maximum pressure of 250 kPa. Suitable for sand, zeolite or glass filter media.

AstralPool Hydrospin


Hydrocyclone pre-filter that eliminates dirt and debris to 40 micron before being captured by the sand or cartridge filter. Complete with multi use stand for floor or wall mounting, the HydroSpin will reduce lost water and chemicals due to backwashing by 50% or double the time between cleans of a cartridge filter. Cleans accumulated dirt with less than 5 litres of water while your pump operates. Supplied with 40mm Barrel unions. Maximum flow rate of 400 ltr/m.


Suitable replacement for AstralPool Hydrospin, WaterCo Multicyclone

Hurlcon ZX Filters


Easy to install, easy to use. The ZX Cartridge Filter is Australia’s most popular pool filter. High quality polyester filter elements remove debris and particles as small as 5 micron and resist dirt imbedding in the surface to make cleaning easier. The largest range of sizes from 50 Sq Ft to 250 Sq Ft means there is a filter perfect for your pool or spa and the larger the size the less often cleaning is required. Consider the following features: High quality oil filled pressure gauge, large 50mm inlet connections glue into barrel unions which allow easy disconnect for future service, the lid lock ring gradually and easily lifts the lid off when undone and large lid handles make this one of the easiest to manage cartridge filters available. The wide body means lower total height which allows a larger filter to be installed in confined spaces.


Suitable replacement for: Any Spa Quip, Davey, Poolrite, Onga, Quiptron, WaterCo Cartridge Filters