AstralPool Viron Series


Premium high efficiency salt chlorinator in four sizes – 18 gm/hr, 25 gm/hr, 35 gm/hr and 45gm/hr. Converts salt (sodium chlorine), acqua therepe or other suitable minerals into chlorine to automatically sanistise your pool or spa. Unique functions include:

• Pool or spa mode selection for safe chlorine output in your spa
• Service mode for extended operating hours and rapid pool clean up
• Connectivity to variable speed pumps and pump speed control
• Self cleaning reverse polarity cell
• Intelligent reversal automatically changes reversal periods to maximise electrode life
• Soft start extends electrode life
• Large LCD screen to display set point, actual chlorine production, operating hours and polarity
• Inbuilt time clock with 16 days standby back up charge, four timer periods each day or disable time for external control
Suitable for salt levels between 2,800 ppm to 8,000 ppm.


Warranty: Five year warranty on electrodes and cell, and 5 year pro rate warranty on controller.

Suitable replacement for: Zodiac, Clearwater, Hurlcon VX, AIS, all other salt chlorinators

RolaChem 9 Series


RolaChem RC 9 Chemical controllers incorporate sophisticated sensors and inbuilt peristaltic pumps to dose chlorine and pH adjusters (acid) into swimming pools and spas.


The sensors incorporate inbuilt amplifiers at the sensing point which minimises interference from other power cables or EMC and are optically coupled with the micro processor in the control unit to provide isolation from power spikes or earth leakages that otherwise can affect the processors performance.


The Controller is easy to operate, provides a power outlet to control the pool filtration pump and a large LCD display for all operating functions. The software uses fuzzy logic to “learn” the dosing requirements over a period of time making ORP and pH set points more accurate to achieve and help minimise over dosing. Available with a range of peristaltic pumps sizes from 1 to 100rpm.

AstralPool E25 Salt Chlorinator


Highly reliable, long life self cleaning salt chlorinator, the robustness and quality of the AstralPool’s famous VX without the frills. 25 gms per hour, 2 timer periods each day, variable output from 0 to 8, self cleaning with intelligent reverse polarity for long cell life.

Great value chlorinator for most pools up to 80,000 litres.